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Our company understands the importance of fulfilling your wishes especially when it is not covered by the pre-planned itineraries. For this reason we have always given our customers the flexibility of planning their own trip through customization. This enables you to be creative and to design one-of-a-kind experiences for you and your loved ones, allowing us to help you fulfill them. 

Whether you aspire to hop on an exclusive two day diving trip to the Vereker atolls, searching for a film set, or simply prefer taking a private yacht to Macau, you would not be our first. Our team is capable of adapting to your unique circumstances and is ready for the challenges at sea. The ocean is our only limit.


Time (Hrs)

Highly Flexible

No. of Guests

38 People max.


  • One Captain
  • One Cruise Manager
  • 4 Crew

Additional crew members or waiters may be necessary depending on the size of your party and type of function. Feel free to discuss with us for the details.

Customizable Elements

  • Pick up and drop off points can be chosen from our list of accessible public piers
  • The starting time and duration of the cruise tour is highly flexible
  • Overseas options are also available
  • For overnight trips we can only accommodate up to 8 guests
  • Some light refreshments (Fruits, Snacks and Desserts) are provided free of charge
  • Types of meals and cuisine preferred is flexible, please refer to our catering services page for more information
  • Number of meals provided throughout the event/tour is also flexible
  • The provision of watersports can be arranged but may vary from season to season
  • Decorations can be provided upon request
  • Other exclusive requests can also be catered to, please check out the services page or contact us for more details

For More Information

Please refer to our services page for details about alternative catering options, watersports add-on and exclusive requests.

Itinerary Examples

  • Two day diving trip to the Vereker Atolls
  • Royalty private cruise around Hong Kong’s most iconic landmarks
  • Use as film set or supporting luxury cruise for actors
  • Luxury half day spa retreat
  • Private wine tasting session on the yacht

Pick Up & Drop Off Piers



Other Packages

Weekend Getaway

Sunshine and Fun!


Make Your Special Day Extra Special

Fireworks Night Out

Disneyland Fireworks & Hong Kong Harbourside Views


Events, Parties & Festivities


Birthdays, Anniversaries, Graduations & Festivities


Customize Your Trip

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